Starting from the idea of division and confrontation of a wall as an architectural element, the design concept is based on the division of functions, articulated in two separate buildings where the art becomes unifying and pacifying. “Over the wall” means “see beyond” and this concept is represented through the type of coating and its drilling. Access is made through a continuous spiral ramp that runs along the outer perimeter of the main building. There are no stairs or elevators and the ramp is the element that creates the access gate to the garden space.

As mentioned above confrontation is also highlighted by the color and surface finished of the two buildings. The left building was designed for performances, including dance and film projection. Upstairs, there is a large exhibition room of visual arts: from painting to sculpture installations. The roof becomes an outdoor exhibition space.  Thanks to a series of bridges, is directly connected to the other building that brings the visitors to the exhibition halls. The right building alternates public and private spaces.  There are offices and a reception located in the ground floor. First and third floors host artists with living rooms, bedrooms and kitchen. The second and fourth floors are the laboratories for the artists to work.

Project developed in collaboration with Arch. Alberto Pancotti